Maximise Learning & Engagement with Professionally Produced Webinars.

With our production expertise and feature rich platform, you can deliver high-quality webinars that provide valuable content, build community and drive engagement amongst your members.

Enhance member engagement and sponsorship ROI with a superior webinar experience.

Arinex Live provides the platform, support, and expertise to run seamless webinar experiences. Jump right into your educational content without the hassle or fear of technical issues with audio, streams, video quality, etc.

Sponsor video and banner ad options

Easily integrate sequenced in-stream video ads or banner ads that help to promote your sponsors’ brand or products to your audience.

Interactive engagement

A suite of interactive tools including live chat, polling, Q&A features and more will keep your members engaged in your webinar content from start to finish.

Transform Webinar Content into a Continuous Learning Resource

Repurpose existing webinar content to create an engaging and informative webinar series. Make past webinars available for On-Demand viewing on the Arinex One platform so members can access valuable resources at their own pace, promoting continuous learning and growth within your association.

Custom branded webinar platform

Host all of your webinars on a custom branded platform built specifically for your association.

Create your own custom colour palette for your webinar to match your brand’s colours, or to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Professional Production Service

Whether it’s managing the live streaming, integrating multimedia content, or troubleshooting technical issues, our experienced broadcast operators will handle the production and technical elements of your webinars so you can host your event with confidence and focus on maximising the impact of your content.

Dedicated Webinar Support

A dedicated webinar manager will ensure that everything goes smoothly including your speaker briefing and run-throughs if needed. We’ll handle the live help desk support during your webinars too!

CPD Tracking

Keep track of audience engagement and participation with accurate and real-time tracking. All interactions and viewing is tracked, calculated, and reportable in real time.

Attendance and engagement data can be used to report to accrediting bodies, provide evidence of attendance and engagement, and help event organisers meet their accreditation requirements.

Elevate Your Association’s Learning Strategy with Professionally Produced Webinars.