The Edinburgh TV Festival..

Company Name

The Edinburgh TV

Conference  Name

The Edinburgh TV Festival

Event type

Hybrid Event


Arinex Live was engaged by The Edinburgh TV festival, the largest industry event in the UK, to create a unique and accessible virtual event platform that would reimagine the traditional festival for their global online audience.

As this was the first year that the Edinburgh TV Festival was going to be delivered in a hybrid format, and with an extremely high production value in their broadcast, the team at Edinburgh TV festival searched for a virtual platform that could be customised and branded to the same look and feel of their prestigious event.


The event was live streamed for 10 hours a day over 4 days and included BSL and live captioning throughout.

✔ Multiple networking opportunities via Breakout rooms, one-on-one meetings and live chat;
✔ Intuitive and easy to navigate virtual platform;
✔ Customisable and branded event platform, in line with the event branding;
✔ We worked closely with the venue to get the live stream to the Platform via RTMP (which is the same as we will be doing for ACM CHI);
✔ All Delegates received access to the Platform for 12 months after the event.


The Event Organiser, Mindy Juss, said that “I would highly recommend Arinex Live to anyone. They made an amazing event for us, and they would make an amazing event for you. My favourite feature of the event platform is the reporting, it is a golden ticket for any event organiser, helps with future sponsorship marketing just getting to know your delegates.”

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