On-site Registration & Badge Printing.

Our registration software seamlessly integrates with user-friendly badge printing hardware, ensuring attendees can register, print their badge, and start enjoying the event within minutes.

On-site Registration, your way

With flexible registration options including self-service kiosks and human-assisted registration desks, you choose the option that best fits the unique requirements of your event.

Badge Printing

Print badges quickly on our easy to use badge printers that use high-resolution technology for fast, professional-quality badge printing. Our registration software also integrates with a range of printing solutions.

On-site Support 

Our onsite support team provide peace of mind and a professional touch to your event. With a dedicated team of experts on hand, when you need them, you can focus on the important aspects of your event, whilst we ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Real-time tracking and reporting

Keep track of on-site registration numbers in real-time and generate reports using our event management software. With this data, you can monitor delegate registration and fine tune your event schedule as required.

Register on-site for your next event with Arinex Live.