Data Sub Processors.

We utilise Data Sub-Processors for a variety of reasons, as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

  • Amazon Web Services (Global) – Infrastructure, Transactional Email, Push Notifications, Transactional SMS
    • Data is stored entirely in a single region based on deployment location (ap-southeast-2 [Sydney], us-east-2 [Ohio], or eu-west-2 [London])
  • Abstract (Global) – IP Geolocation
  • Google Cloud Platform (Global) – Static and real-time language translation
  • Firebase (Global) – Mobile phone/browser push notifications
  • Twilio (Global) – Peer to Peer video calling
  • Zoom (Global) – Workshop video calling
  • Stream (Australia) – Peer-to-peer chat messaging & notifications
  • Aspose (Global) – PPTX to PDF/HTML conversion
  • Crisp (Global) – Support chat & knowledge base
  • Bugsnag (Global) – Anonymised error reporting (server side and browser side)
  • Arinex One Analytics (Australia) – Anonymised performance reporting


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