Hybrid Events.

Bring both in-person and online audiences together for an unforgettable hybrid event experience. With a unified system, your team will have everything they need to engage with all attendees, speakers, and sponsors across the world whether they attend online, or from a physical venue.

Tailored solutions to suit your hybrid event requirements

Stream your event straight to the Arinex One platform, have remote speakers from locations anywhere in the world present live to your audience and even have remote participants join workshops and breakout sessions. We can accommodate any of these hybrid formats based on the unique requirements of your event, and more!

Connect with your global audience

Expand your audience and craft an inclusive event across any timezone, device or language. We specialise in delivering large complex events for clients with global audiences.

Deliver your live stream directly to your branded event platform or let our team take care of the entire broadcast production.

Accessible & Responsive Platform
Automatic Platform Translation
Close Captioned Livestreams
Managed Broadcast & Production Options

Easy to use event hardware that maximises engagement

Maximise attendee engagement with our suite of event hardware that includes:

Fully white-labelled event app
On-site Registration (self-service registration kiosks or a human-powered registration desk)
Badge Printing Technology
Interactive e-Poster units

Expert event technical direction and production support

Technical direction and production service that provides expert assistance and management of the technical elements of your Hybrid event, ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience for online audiences.

Increase revenue, attendance and insights 

Hybrid events provide a great opportunity to boost attendance, secure a broader range of speakers and attract more sponsors. Use our platform reporting tools to gain insights across your events by combining in-person and virtual delegate behavioural data for a full 360 degree view.

Connect beyond event day 

Engage both in-person and online audiences with interactive elements such as Q&A polls, networking rooms, video meetings and much more. Generate buzz leading up to event day with a branded platform that houses the event agenda, presentations & videos and allow delegates to consume content and network after the event has concluded.

Video on Demand
Hybrid Networking Features
Multilingual Platform

Experience the best of both worlds and
create your next Hybrid event with us.