Automatically Track & Certify Continuing Professional Education.

With our Accreditation Management solution, attendees can track their participation and earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education (CE) credits for engaging with event content.

Report on real-time viewing and interactions from both in-person and virtual delegates, with instant analytics and insights down to the minute at your fingertips. 

Seamlessly earn, track and report on Accreditation progress in one place.

We understand the importance of Accreditation in enhancing and maintaining your members’ professional skills. Our Accreditation tracking and certification solution makes it easy for event organisers to track delegates’ accreditation activities, earn credits and generate customisable certificates .

Real-time attendance and viewership tracking and reporting

Keep track of audience engagement and participation with accurate and real-time tracking. All interactions, in-person attendance, and virtual live & on-demand viewing is tracked, calculated, and reportable in real time ensuring accuracy and providing instant analytics and insights down to the minute.

Attendance and engagement data can be used to report to accrediting bodies, provide evidence of attendance and engagement, and help event organisers meet their accreditation requirements. Event organisers can make data-driven decisions to improve the attendee experience and increase the success of future events.

Attendance can be captured to suits your needs
Manned badge scanning “access control”
User self checkin with QR Code mobile app scanning​
Viewing streams, videos or e-posters
Completed quizzes or surveys

Create an efficient and interconnected accreditation experience

When members and delegates engage with event content across any of our suite of fully integrated event management software, they are able to track and report on their progress towards accreditation enhancing the value and impact of your events.

Automatic and Personalised Certificate Generation

Generate beautiful custom certificates for your attendees showing their Accreditation from your Event with your brand look and feel. Add user information, accreditation data, and optionally include a breakdown of all accreditation points/units they have earned.

Assessment Process for CPD Approval

Assessments and/or feedback can be required before awarding accreditation points. Attendee types can have different pass/fail percentages, limit the number of retakes to pass the assessment, and even provide accreditation point weighting based on the overall assessment score.

Comprehensive Reporting

A suite of reports are available for event organisers and delegates, along with a customisable dashboard for analysing and exporting data for review.

Self-Service CPD for Delegates

Delegates can stay informed of their CPD progress by viewing their personalised dashboard, generate their own certificates and download reports of content they have engaged with.

Supports Multiple Accreditation Schemes

Manage multiple accreditation schemes including CPD, Continuing Eduction (CE), Continuing Medical Eduction (CME), Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) and more for your local and international audience. Assign and manage the correct accreditation schemes for each attendee and unlock zero touch accreditation management for your event. 

Drastically reduce the time it takes to track, record, and award points.

We know you have specific needs for your CPD events. Whether you require specific numbers of hours of live or on-demand content watched in order to accredit a certain number of points, or you want a more flexible system where people can earn points online or offline, we’ll take your requirements and build them into your event program.

Accredit and track continuing professional development with ease.

Our team would love to show you how how you can optimise your
event experience with our cutting edge accreditation module.