Our Story

What started as an internal platform designed to give us a means to support

registration, live streaming, and video-on-demand hosting for large-scale hybrid events in 2018, swiftly evolved into a premier white-label solution for the biggest organizations, associations, and event management companies in the world.

Together, we will forge deep connections by elevating knowledge, fostering belonging, and enabling access to relevant content

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge deep engagement by elevating knowledge, fostering belonging and enabling access to compelling content anywhere, anytime.

We enable you to forge deep engagement by elevating knowledge, fostering belonging, and enabling access to relevant content anywhere, anytime.

Your event is no longer simply that moment in time. Your event is now in an enduring content creation tool, where all of the content delivered can be accessed by your attendees after the event. It is time to give your attendees a place where they can engage beyond the event. A place where they can learn and grow, where they feel valued, where they belong.

Partner with us to begin building interconnected experiences from your small webinars to your large multi-day conferences, and every content you’ve created year-round.

Our Pillars

  1. Technology & Support
  2. Engagement
  3. Content & Continued Learning

Defy Expectations With Personal Tech That’s on Your Side.

Your tech tools need to support your vision—and that’s where most solutions miss the mark. We build interconnected experiences that engage people now and for years to come. All backed by a personal team dedicated to your account to help you easily bring everything together. Get all the benefits of intuitive and powerful technology without adding any hassle to your plate.


Inspire Growth That Lasts Beyond the Event.

Build inspiring experiences, encouraging people to get involved, even past the event. That’s where the real growth happens—for both the individual and your team. We bridge the gap between every touchpoint to inspire deeper engagement for months, even years beyond the closing statements.


Foster Engagement Through Content—Anywhere, Anytime.

Keep your engagement high—before, during, and beyond events—through exceptional content delivered directly to their devices. Build stronger loyalty with seamless access to networking, continuing education, and insights. We help you keep audiences connected—in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


Events Devlivered Globally

We specialise in delivering large international conferences to a global audience.

Team Members

Event veterans. Technology obsessives. Passionate about delivering incredible events

Languages Supported on our Platform

We serve clients and delegates from around the world.
100 M+

Livestream Minutes Watched

Over 100 million live stream minutes watched on our platform.
An engagement technology & event services powerhouse.

We’ve helped organizations and associations all over the world deliver compelling engagement experiences through in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with our dedicated event technology platform and our topnotch support teams.

We have reimagined the delivery of virtual and hybrid events, offering our in-house developed Platform, People, Hardware and Processes, all in one place.

We understand your events. This is why your experience is at the centre of everything we do: we listen to your needs and find a solution that works for you. We speak your language and help you through your event in a personalised way. You can count on our agility, expertise and professionalism to go above and beyond and make it happen.

Our extensive knowledge of event processes enables us to guide you during the entire journey, from vision through to post-event analytics.

G2 recognises us as a Leader in Online Event

Full Service Solution with Next Level Car

Summer 2022

Very solutions-focused and responsive team. The platform is very customisable and the team has a lot of experience to provide creative solutions based on other events they've worked on and their deep knowledge of the platform. We never waited long for a member of the team (more than one person working on our event), which was impressive given the recent pressures felt by most organisations at the moment. We didn't have to control any of the technical production on that day and were in very safe hands with their staff. We felt really well covered and it made our lives much easier as a very small in-house events team.

Outstanding Service & Product

Summer 2022

Joyn was flexible, helpful and adaptable. We had outstanding service from our account coordinators all of the way through the process. Communication was clear and questions were answered quickly and solutions provided

Seamless Experience

Summer 2022

Joyn created a professional and engaging broadcast session and the feedback from our audience has been incredibly positive. The team at Delegate Connect were extremely helpful and thorough.

Fantastic Team & User-Friendly Platform

Spring 2022

The team at Joyn provides wonderful support throughout the whole process. Timely responses, friendly customer-oriented service, and a wealth of practical knowledge when it comes to what makes an event successful. Don't underestimate the event operators; they provide expertise above and beyond expectations. The platform itself, which provides substantial customization options, puts all the design tools and layout options one could need in the hands of customers.


organizations and associations globally.


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