Accommodation Management.

A comprehensive and easy to use solution to manage your event accommodation.

Accommodation sourcing

Whether you are running a small conference or a large convention, we find the perfect accommodation for your event. We engage accommodation providers and negotiate preferred rates at qualified hotels to ensure that your attendees get good value and have a seamless experience.

Custom accommodation page on your event website

We build a bespoke accommodation page on your event website that matches the sites look and feel. This customised page serves as a central hub for all accommodation management for your delegates. They can easily view, book and modify their accommodation, as well as access all event information in one centralised and secure location.

Streamlined booking process

We have designed an intuitive user flow that seamlessly integrates with the registration process. After completing their registration, delegates can easily book their accommodation directly through our platform using direct hotel links.

Customisable room requirements

Tailor the accommodation specification to meet your specific requirements such as inclusions, proximity to your venue and minimum hotel rating that aligns with your event goals and budget. Your delegates are provided curated accommodation options to meet their preferences and needs.

Visibility and reporting

We report on bookings by room type for each hotel, so you can know how many delegates have booked accommodation and at which hotels. This gives you visibility to encourage bookings in the lead up to the event and to manage delegate experience during the event.

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