Sponsor and Exhibitor Management.

Maximise ROI for sponsors and exhibitors and grow your event revenue with our sponsorship opportunities and lead capture tools.

Banner Ads

Strategic ad placement throughout the event website and app for sponsors to showcase their brand message for maximum visibility and brand recognition.

Sponsor Takeover Ads

Capture the attention of event attendees with Sponsor takeover ads on your event website.

Push Notifications 

Send push notifications through the event app, and provide timely updates and relevant information to delegates about the sponsors brand or product.

Branded ePosters

Showcase sponsor products or services on branded ePosters strategically placed throughout the event space to capture attendees’ attention and encourage them to learn more about the sponsor offerings.

Lead Capture via QR scanning in the event app

Exhibitors can capture data from potential customers via QR code scanning in the event app. Leads can be accessed by exhibitors through the app to follow up post-event.

Robust Platform Feature Set

Exhibitor and sponsor experiences are an important and necessary part of any event. Your Sponsor and Exhibitor investments will go the furthest with our robust feature set:

Exhibitor digital asset management
Exhibitor interest-based lead generator
Exhibitor space with profiles
Exhibitor networking with delegates
Tiered exhibitor packages
Self-editable virtual exhibitor booths
Sponsor ad placements

AI Matchmaking for Exhibitors

Based on attendee-selected interests, our AI will generate leads for your exhibitors to connect with, this invaluable feature will have exhibitors connecting with leads in a specifically targeted way.

Supercharge your Sponsor and Exhibitor
ROI with Arinex Live.